Inpainting is the process of replacing lost or corrupted parts of the image data. Within this project a sophisticated algorithm should be implemented as plugin which allows users to delete unwanted content of their images (e.g. a pole, a fence or people) by selecting the region and restoring the lost information using the properties of the image. The inpainting method should adopt a robust method such as the one presented by Mansfield et al..

Sample Image

User Defined Mask

Inpainted Image


Benefit for the Student

The student will gain knowledge of in image processing methods, especially inpainting and image segmentation algorithms. Furthermore he can deepen his knowledge of using OpenCV.

Benefit for the Project

Inpainting functionality will be added to nomacs within this project. This will allow users to restore parts of the image. By implementing this functionality as plug-in it will keep the basic viewer small, while users can extend it on their demand.


Advanced image processing knowledge, good skills in C++, experience in writing Qt plug-ins.


Markus Diem, Stefan Fiel, Florian Kleber

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