The aim of this project is to improve the real-time visualization of the OpenPixi simulator. The Colored-Particle-In-Cell simulation consists of a large number of particles that are simulated on a background grid of chromo-electric and magnetic fields. Part of the task is to refactor the existing code into a more structured Model-View-Controller pattern and to combine and streamline the code of existing panels. Additional mouse-interaction could be added for e.g. selecting ranges or zooming of regions of interest. A main goal will be to adapt the 3-D view of the scene from Java Swing to JOGL and to implement various ways of displaying particles and fields. Additionally to building upon internal graphical routines, it could be worthwhile to explore existing Java visualization libraries like JZY3D for certain kinds of visualization.

Benefit for the Student

The student will learn about the visualization of a physics simulation.

Benefit for the Project

The project will benefit from additional ways of visualizing a large amount of scientific data.


Good knowledge of Java and JOGL is of advantage.


Andreas Ipp, Daniil Gelfand, David Müller

More information

For the application process, please fix one of the issues at GitHub, or provide an extension to one of the JOGL panels in OpenPixi.