The aim of this project is to parallelize the simulation of the OpenPixi simulator. The Colored-Particle-In-Cell simulations use a large number of color-charged particles within a fixed grid of chromo-electric and magnetic fields. There already exists a parallel implemenation of an earlier version of the code which used the IBIS framework for internode communication (see GSoC blog), but the single process code has changed in the meantime so that a major redesign seems necessary. Also, in the meantime, a Java interface for Open MPI has become available which should be used for a new implementation of parallelization. Special attention should be paid to possible optimiziation strategies. Different implementation variants should be tested and profiled for speed comparison. In any case, automatable test cases must ensure that the results agree with the single process version of the code.

Benefit for the Student

The student will learn about physics simulations and how to parallelize them for best performance.

Benefit for the Project

The project will receive a fast parallel implementation of existing routines.


Good knowledge of Java and Open MPI is of advantage.


Andreas Ipp, Daniil Gelfand, David Müller

More information

For the application process, please fix one of the issues at GitHub, or provide an executable demo that includes the Java interface for Open MPI in OpenPixi.