One central idea behind the openKB4BMS project is to automatically instantiate the knowledge base on already existing configuration data from the underlying automation systems and the integration layer, respectively. Since for all the information representations needed for this project (OPC UA, oBIX, OWL), XML formats exist, XSL transformation (XSLT) is the method of choice. The goal of this task is to extend the already existing oBIX to OWL transformation stylesheet and define a OPC UA to OWL stylesheet from scratch.

Benefit for the Student

Get in touch with leading research topics in building automation and gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art semantic web technologies.

Benefit for the Project

Extending the automated engineering process of openKB4BMS is a key goal of the project. This way, already existing information from OPC UA information models can be reused to instantiate the knowledge base.


Knowledge in Webservices programming, ontology design and functional programming (XSLT).


Andreas Fernbach, Thomas Fr├╝hwirth