The interfaces openKB4BMS provides downwards to the integration and automation layer are currently implemented very rudimentary. Besides the already working oBIX interface, it is planned to extend the Apache Jena-based runtime components by OPC UA client functionality like illustrated in the system architecture figure. This way, the connectivity of openKB4BMS would be significantly increased. To this aim, an existing open source OPC UA client SDK shall be integrated into the project.

Benefit for the Student

Get in touch with leading research topics in building automation and gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art semantic web technologies.

Benefit for the Project

OPC UA is the most important and widely used open integration standard in automation systems. Extending openKB4BMS by an OPC UA connector opens a great field of application for the project by making runtime interaction with OPC UA systems possible.


Advanced skills in Java-based software development, Webservices and ontologies.


Andreas Fernbach, Thomas Fr├╝hwirth