The IoTSyS integration middleware provides a Web service interface to access heterogeneous building automation technologies and smart meters (e.g. KNX, BACnet, ZigBee, Wireless M-Bus, or EnOcean). Moreover, the gateway provides a Web service protocol binding to SOAP as well as RESTful HTTP and CoAP Web service endpoints.

At present, existing building automation systems are integrated into the IoTSyS gateway by manually editing XML configuration files. In order to ease this integration process, the concepts of the Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) and the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) are utilized to automatically generate executable Java source code.

Within this project, a browser-based editor should be implemented to enable the modeling of building automation systems (e.g. used devices, topological structure) in a technology-independent way. The editor will be based on an already developed meta-model that specifies the available modeling elements for building automation systems. Afterwards, the created model can be automatically transformed to Java source code, which will be loaded dynamically into the IoTSyS gateway at runtime. Thus, this model editor acts as starting point of an automated workflow to define and integrate building automation systems into the IoTSyS gateway.

Benefit for the Student

Dive into latest technologies and emerging protocols for the Internet of Things/Web of Things. Gain hands-on experience in Java-based and Web-based software development as well as methods of Model-Driven Architecture. Use latest technologies and frameworks for HTML5-based user interface development.

Benefit for the Project

An easy as well as automatic integration of existing building automation systems into the IoTSyS gateway will highly improve the usability of the entire project.


Strong skills in Web-based and Java-based software development are necessary. Know-how about Model-Driven Architecture, Eclipse Modeling Framework, and state-of-the-art Web technologies (e.g. JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS) is beneficial.


Daniel Schachinger, Andreas Fernbach

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