For meshing infrastructure software it is of importance to support may mesh formats for reading and writing. ViennaMesh heavily relies on the data structure library ViennaGrid, where reader and writer for some file formats, like VTK, STL, ..., have already been implemented. However, additional file formats would increase the flexibility for the ViennaMesh software. Especially, file formats for finite element method simulation software tool are of interest.

In particular, reader and writer for the following file formats should be implemented:

  • Abaqus [1]
  • Calculix [2]
  • Wavefront OBJ [3]
  • Polygon File Format [4]

Benefit for the Student

The student will get in touch with the challenging topic of 3D meshing and will learn the importance of file IO interfacing.

Benefit for the Project

With these file reader and writer, ViennaMesh pipelines can interface other simulation software packages making meshes generated by ViennaMesh available to them.


The student has to provide good skills in C++ and interest in geometry and computer science, mathematical and geometric knowledge is advantageous.


Florian Rudolf, Josef Weinbub

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