The OpenEngSB project provides an easy-to-use and easy-to-adapt platform for tool integration while considering technical and semantical heterogeneity of the tools to be integrated. An example project are heterogeneous engineering teams, e.g., in project consortia, who typically use local and isolated software tools for various tasks. Critical parameters, which are available only in local applications, hinder collaboration and project management. A correct mapping of data from operation with engineering knowledge from development is essential.
The aim of this task is the design of concepts and methods for, and the development of a process support for defining, managing and sharing critical model parameters with other project members. Such parameters intend to continuously monitor model elements and enable the prompt response to changed artifacts.

Benefit for the Student

Student will gain knowledge in a wide range of technologies, like OSGi, EMF, Apache Wicket.

Benefit for the Project

Increasing user acceptance by improving process support.


Excellent skills in Java are essential. Useful would be knowledge about Apache Wciket and Git.


Dietmar Winkler, Stefan Scheiber, Richard Mordinyi

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