In deep submicron designs the on-chip interconnect structures significantly determine the overall circuit behavior. The interconnection lines introduce parasitic circuit elements like capacitances, resistances, and inductances, which have to be considered during design and layout.


For this reason, the simulation package "Smart Analysis Programs" have been developed. The simulators can be used for resistance extraction, capacitance extraction, inductance extraction, field calculation in insulators and/or conductors, calculation of transient potential and current density distributions (electro-quasistatic mode) in time or frequency domain, calculation of the static or transient temperature profile in coupled electro-thermal simulations, and two-dimensional magneto-quasistatic computations (skin-effect). The programs are based on the Finite Element Method (FEM) and achieve a high accuracy on modestly large simulation domains.


The program package includes tools for two- and three-dimensional geometric modeling, grid generation, and visualization of distributed quantities.


Current development efforts include the implementation of a module for electromigration characterization (transport of Al/Cu excited by high current densities) and three-dimensional magneto-quasistatic simulation.



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