The Monitoring System Toolkit -- MOST -- is a vendor and set of tools to simplify measuring and processing different building data streams (energy use, occupancy, comfort, etc.). It supports various building systems, provides powerful data preprocessing functionality (generation of periodic -- hourly/weekly/... -- datasets, workdays only, etc.), enables batch processing with external tools (Excel, Matlab, etc.) and delivers a number of analyses and visualization applications (modular web interface, Matlab framework, etc.). It consists of:

  • Connector (driver) to building systems (OPC DA and therefore BACnet, KNX, M-Bus, EnOcean, etc.) and "SQL structured" data sources using JDBC)
  • Database engine supporting real time data preprocessing
  • Java framework providing various software interfaces, virtual datapoints, etc.
  • Matlab framework for advanced data processing, statistical analyses, etc.
  • GWT based web interface supporting various use cases

Members: Harald Hofstätter, Stefan Glawischnig, Christian Tauber