Calimero is a Java library for KNX/EIB applications. It provides an API for (many of) the network services and data encodings defined in the KNX standard. It can be used as a basis to write remote access or control applications.
The current version of the library (Calimero 2) features:
•    KNXnet/IP tunneling (with bus monitor mode), routing, local device management
•    FT1.2 serial access
•    Easy-to-use process communication (group communication)...

dlvhex is an Open Source scientific prototype application for computing the models of so-called HEX-programs. HEX-programs are a declarative logic programming formalism with a syntax similar to Prolog programs.

In HEX, declarative reasoning can use external computation sources, which is useful for example to integrate knowledge in Semantic Web reasoning. For example, a logic programming rule

    reached(X) :- &reach[edge,a](X)

computes the predicate reached taking values from the...

Advanced debuggers available in modern IDEs make it easier to debug programs and understand their runtime behavior. The Eclipse Debugging Aids aim to enrich the software debugger in Eclipse with visualizations that provide more insights into information available at the runtime. Example for this information are the traces collected at tracepoints set by the user, the values of the variables over time, or values in large arrays.

The OGR Simple Features Library is a C++ open source library providing IO access to a variety of geometry vector file format. OGR is part of the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) which covers IO and processing functionality for geospatial raster data formats. GDAL/OGR is widely used in open source and closed source applications. Some of the key features are:

  • Uniform access to a large set of geospatial raster formats (GeoTIFF, Erdas Imagine, SRTM, SDTS, ECW, MrSID, JPEG2000, DTED...

The Monitoring System Toolkit -- MOST -- is a vendor and set of tools to simplify measuring and processing different building data streams (energy use, occupancy, comfort, etc.). It supports various building systems, provides powerful data preprocessing functionality (generation of periodic -- hourly/weekly/... -- datasets, workdays only, etc.), enables batch processing with external tools (Excel, Matlab, etc.) and delivers a number of analyses and visualization applications (modular web...

In September 2010 Sony released the PlayStation Move – a motion-sensing game controller for the PlayStation 3. The Move controller is an excellent input device which can be used for very accurate 6DOF input. The aim of the MoveOnPC open source project is to support the Move controller as a Bluetooth input device on all major platforms:

  • Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
  • Android, MeeGo

Netgen is a multi-platform automatic mesh generation tool written in C++ capable of generating meshes in two and three dimensions. The program is open source, and is distributed under the conditions of the LGPL. It comes in two primary forms:

  • A Stand-alone Program with its own Graphical User Interface (GUI) implemented using Tcl/Tk.
  • A C++ library (Nglib) which can be linked into other applications functioning as the backend mesh generation kernel.

Netgen generates triangular or...

NGSolve is a general purpose Finite Element Library on top of Netgen. Among others, one can solve heat flow equations, Maxwell equations, and solid mechanical problems. Some features of NGSolve:

  • Elements of arbitrary order for any shape (segm, trig, quad, tet, prism, pyramid, hex)
  • Scalar elements and vector-valued elements for H(curl) and H(div)
  • Integrators for Heat-flow, Elasticity, Navier-Stokes, Maxwell, etc.
  • Iterative solvers with multigrid preconditioning
  • Error estimators and...

pi3diamond is a collaboration between the University of Stuttgart and TU Vienna with the aim of developing open source hard- and software to control quantum physics experiments. In particular we investigate single quantum defects in diamond.

The fast hardware is based on configurable digital logic consisting of FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays). The software for the data preparation and readout is programmed in Python.


QuantumDove is a free open-source quantum-mechanics simulator based on the solution of the Schrödinger-Poisson equations. At present, one-dimensional quantum heterostructures can be simulated in a self-consistent as well as a non-selfconsistent manner.

The library is based on the free open source libraries deal.II, PETSc, and SLEPc, allowing for the implementation to fully focus on the algorithms. As such, extensions to higher spatial dimensions as well as experimentation with various...

Skeptik is a collection of data structures and algorithms focused especially on the compression of formal proofs.

Resolution proofs, in particular, are used by various sat-solvers, smt-solvers and automated theorem provers, as certificates of correctness for the answers they provide. These automated deduction tools have a wide range of application areas, from mathematics to software and hardware verification.

By providing smaller resolution proofs that are easier and faster to check, Skeptik...

ViennaCL provides high level C++ interfaces for linear algebra routines on CPUs and GPUs using OpenCL. The focus is on generic implementations of iterative solvers often used for large linear systems and simple integration into existing projects. It is released under the MIT license and allows to solve the system of equations at very high speed using multiple CPU cores and/or GPUs (i.e. graphics adapters).

  • BLAS Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 routines on GPUs and multi-core CPUs
  • C++ Interface...

ViennaMaterials is a free open-source library written in C++ for hosting material parameters which is  particularily relevant for scientific simulations. Material data are stored in XML files, which are processed and hosted by ViennaMaterials via its API. The API enables external tools (e.g. simulators) to query material data and use the query results to feed the simulation facilities. A unit conversion mechanism ensures that material parameters are accessed in a unit-agnostic manner. The...

ViennaMOS is a novel free open source semiconductor device and process simulator based on a modular framework architecture. ViennaMOS enables to couple various modules required for the setup and execution of simulations. The goal of this project is to provide a common platform for developing and utilizing different tools required for Technology CAD. The simulator is implemented in C++ and available under the MIT license.

  • Plugin system
  • Parallel execution modes
  • Graphical User Interface (in...

vimVIM represent a collection of state-of-the-art imputation methods, and it is available in the free and open-source software R as add-on package. VIM also provides a dozen of methods to visualize missing (or imputed) values in data. Thus, the package can be used to analyse the structure of missing values in multivariate data as well as to impute the missing values and to analyse the quality of the imputation.