The OpenEngSB is a technical integration platform for software tools. It applies successful concepts of the Enterprise Service Bus in business software engineering to software tools in the engineering process. The integration approach is vendor neutral and allows the integration of existing tools in an engineering environment.

The need for the OpenEngSB arises due to the increasing complexity and flexibility of engineering processes for developing modern software-intensive systems which require the systematic integration of software tools across engineering disciplines (such as mechanical, electrical, and software engineering). Technical and semantic gaps between software tools and engineering models in the development of automation systems hinder the correct and efficient communication across tool and system boundaries, leading to development delays and risks for system operation. The development of automation systems and also business software development is a group effort of engineering teams that are typically working at distributed locations. The integration of communication and collaboration tools into modern agile engineering workflows is therefore a particularly relevant goal.

Members: Richard Mordinyi, Stefan Scheiber, Marta Sabou, Dietmar Winkler