ViennaCL provides high level C++ interfaces for linear algebra routines on CPUs and GPUs using OpenCL. The focus is on generic implementations of iterative solvers often used for large linear systems and simple integration into existing projects. It is released under the MIT license and allows to solve the system of equations at very high speed using multiple CPU cores and/or GPUs (i.e. graphics adapters).

  • BLAS Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 routines on GPUs and multi-core CPUs
  • C++ Interface is mostly uBLAS compatible
  • Access to GPUs from both NVIDIA and AMD/ATI using OpenCL
  • Multi-core CPUs can be used efficiently with ViennaCL and the ATI Stream SDK
  • Kernel optimization environment for optimal performance on the target machine

Members: Karl Rupp, Namik Karovic, Andreas Morhammer, Florian Rudolf