3.2 Oxidation Modeling using Linear Parabolic Equations

When modeling the topography motion during oxidation within a LS environment, there are a few aspects to be considered, which are not covered in the LS interface presented in Section 1.4.1.The first consideration which must be taken into account is that oxidation requires the movement of two different interfaces in opposite directions. LS from Section 1.4.1 allows for multiple LS interfaces being etched at different rates, but when the interfaces move in different directions, an extra consideration must be made. In addition, material interfaces must be labeled differently. In order to correctly identify the movement of LS interfaces during oxidation, material and LS labeling shown in Figure 1.2 was implemented. However, for processes such as oxidation, this is insufficient. In some instances, when a mask is used for deposition, material interfaces must be identified as being separate from each other in order for the deposition, or material growth, to be appropriately modeled.


L. Filipovic: Topography Simulation of Novel Processing Techniques