List of Abbreviations

AFM atomic force microscope
ALE atomic layer epitaxy
BiCS bit cost scalable
CM contact mode
CMOS complementary metal oxide semiconductor
CMP chemical mechanical planarization
CPD cumulative probability distribution
CVD chemical Vapor Deposition
DC-SF dual control-gate with surrounding floating-gate
DFT density functional theory
DTG dynamic tubular grid
ESD electrostatic spray deposition
EUV extreme ultraviolet
FDM finite difference method
FEM finite element method
FN Fowler-Nordheim
FWHM full width at half maximum
H-RLE hierarchical run length encoding
HPCVD high pressure chemical vapor deposition
HTO high temperature oxide
IC integrated circuit
ICM intermittent contact mode
LAO local anodic oxidation
LCD liquid crystal display
LOCOS local oxidation of silicon
LON local oxidation nanolithography
LS Level Set
MC Monte Carlo
MOS metal oxide semiconductor
NAOS nitric acid oxidation of silicon
NCM non-contact mode
PDF probability density function
PECVD plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
PSD pressurized spray deposition
PVD physical vapor deposition
RAH relative air humidity
RF radio frequency
RLE run length encoding
RTA rapid thermal annealing
SCD surface charge density
SiNWT silicon nanowire transistor
SOI silicon on insulator
SPM scanning probe microscopy
STI shallow trench isolation
STM scanning tunneling microscope
TCAD technology computer aided design
TCAT terabit cell array transistor
TEOS tetraethyl orthosilicate
TFT thin film transistor
TM tapping mode
TMAH tetramethylammonium hydroxide
TVD total variation diminishing
UHV ultra high vacuum
USB universal serial bus
UV ultraviolet
VSAT vertical stacked array transi
YSZ yttria-stabilized zirconia

L. Filipovic: Topography Simulation of Novel Processing Techniques