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5.3.3 Incremental Construction

An initial triangulation which covers the domain is constructed. For example the bounding box is split into two triangles. The points of $P$ are incrementally inserted into the triangulation. The triangle which contains the inserted point is first located and then split. Two variations to this algorithm exist. The topology around the inserted point can be updated by flip operations to restore the Delaunay property [84]. Alternatively, all triangles whose circumcircles contain the inserted point are removed and the resulting cavity is triangulated by linking the inserted point to all vertices of the cavity boundary. This simple linking scheme automatically guarantees the Delaunay property of the new elements. The technique is referred to as the Bowyer/Watson algorithm because it was simultaneously published [186,21]. The cavity is star-shaped [123] because at least one location exists (the location of the newly inserted point) from which straight line segments can be drawn to all vertices of the cavity without intersecting the cavity boundary.

Peter Fleischmann