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Figure 2.6: Voltages and currents for controlled sources.
\psfrag{IA}{$\scriptstyle I_...

The constitutive relation for a linear voltage controlled current source is given as Iout = g . Vin with g being the transconductance of the device. This is the simplest of all controlled sources and the only one which can be properly modeled using the traditional NA. The terminal voltages and branch currents are shown in Fig. 2.6 and the stamp is given as

yx, y $ \varphi_{1}^{}$ $ \varphi_{2}^{}$ $ \varphi_{3}^{}$ $ \varphi_{4}^{}$ f
n3 g - g     Iout
n4 - g g     - Iout
The voltage controlled current source obviously degrades to an ideal conductor if n1 = n3 and n2 = n4.

Tibor Grasser