1.2.4 ATLAS

ATLAS is a simulation package developed by SILVACO International (website: [72]) which is part of their TCAD framework. ATLAS consists of several modules for device simulation, e.g., Blaze/Blaze3d, TFT 2D/3D, or Giga 2D/3D which have to be purchased separately. Moreover, several restrictions of the modules have been introduced like 10,000 or 20,000 node versions.

Atlas supports two and three-dimensional simulations. It solves Poisson's equation, the carrier continuity equations, and the lattice heat equation. Steady state, transient, AC-small signal and optical device simulation can be performed.

Blaze 3D was introduced first in 1997 and is a three-dimensional device simulator for advanced materials and makes use of a material library including informations on ternary and quaternary materials. But up to now, not all models of Blaze 2D are supported [72].

In the same year TFT was extended to handle three dimensions. TFT 3D is used for amorphous and polycrystalline device simulation. Giga 3D has been introduced in 1998 as a thermal simulator to study local thermal effects in three-dimensional space. Models like heat generation, heat flow, lattice heating, or heat sinks are included.

Fig. 1.4 shows the lattice temperature distribution in a narrow channel NMOS transistor which has been simulated using GIGA 3D [72].

\psfig{file=figures/tcad/giga, width=6cm}
Figure 1.4: Lattice temperature in a narrow channel NMOS transistor [72].

Robert Klima 2003-02-06