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3.7.2 Auger Recombination

Auger-processes are modeled using a triple concentration product using the following equation
R^{\mathrm{AU}}=\left(C_n^\mathrm {AU} \cdot n + C_p^\mathrm {AU} \cdot p\right)
\cdot \left( n\cdot p - {n_i}^2\right).
\end{displaymath} (3.150)

The default values recommended for the Auger model are summarized in the following table:

Table 3.36: Parameter values for Auger recombination model
Material $C_n^\mathrm {AU}$ [cm$^6$/s] $C_p^\mathrm {AU}$ [cm$^6$/s]
Si&Ge 2.8e-31 9.9e-32
III-Vs 5.0e-30 3.0e-30

Vassil Palankovski