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3.7.3 Direct Recombination

The direct (radiative) recombination is of importance for direct bandgap semiconductors. In Si, Ge, and GaP it is of no significance for all possible conditions [188]. The recombination rate is proportional to the carrier concentrations and is modeled using the following equation
R^{\mathrm{DIR}}=C^\mathrm{DIR}\cdot \left( n\cdot p - {n_i}^2\right).
\end{displaymath} (3.151)

The coefficients $C^\mathrm {DIR}$ have constant values from Table 3.37.

Table 3.37: Parameter values for the radiative recombination model
Material $C^\mathrm {DIR}$ [cm$^{3}$/s]
GaAs 1.0e-10
AlAs 7.5e-11
InAs 2.1e-11
InP 6.0e-11
GaP 3.0e-15

Vassil Palankovski