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4.3.1 Simulation Approach

The simulation approach is similar to the one used in [61] for High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs). In two independent simulations with MINIMOS-NT small-signal voltages are applied to the device terminals. The intrinsic Y-parameters are extracted from the results as shown in [200]. A frequency of 5 GHz at which the measured data was extracted is chosen for the simulation to avoid dispersion effects in a lower frequency range. The intrinsic Y-parameters are converted to Z-parameters and from those the intrinsic small-signal elements are calculated. A T-like eight-element small-signal equivalent circuit model [201] as shown in Fig. 4.23 is used. The Ohmic resistances are completely accounted for in the simulation. The S-parameter calculation uses the same typical values for the extrinsic parasitic elements (inductances and capacities) as extracted from the underlying technology [202] for compact modeling. From this set of parameters extrinsic S-parameters are calculated for the frequency range of 0 to 20 GHz suitable for comparison to the measurements in the same frequency range.

Vassil Palankovski