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5.2.1 Producing a Device Simulation Mesh

Sometimes it's necessary to perform some re-meshing on the model of the semiconductor device before the device simulation can be carried out with a sufficient accuracy. As shown in Example 5.4 this can be implemented by inserting a mesh generator (remesh) into the tool-flow of the device model. In our example we use the CGG mesh generator [9] included in the VISTA tool set which is particularly well suited for device simulation purposes.

The result of the remesh tool will be the input to MINIMOS-NT (see also Example 5.5). Since simulation-flow-models perform split-checking, multiple evaluations of this simulation-flow-model using the same device description will require an invocation of the remesh tool only once, because split-checking recognizes a split point after the remesh tool in this particular case.

Rudi Strasser