Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information


Born in Linz, Austria


Birth of my daughter Lena


Marriage with Nicole Rausch


Birth of my daughter Margarete


Primary Education:

VS Garsten 1987-1991, HS Garsten 1991-1995

Further Education:

1995-2000 HTL Steyr - Ausbildungszweig Elektronik/Informatik
Jun 2000 Passed the matura exams (with honors)
Oct 2000 Enrolled in electrical engineering at the TU Wien
Jun 2002 - May 2003 Alternative civilian service at the Viennese Red Cross
Oct 2006 Received degree Bakkalaureus der Technik (BSc. equivalent)
Blutdruckmessung mittels Elektrischer Feldplethysmographie
Visualisierung einer Brückenmessung
Enrolled in microelectronics at TU Wien
Mar 2008 Received degree Diplomingenieur (MSc. equivalent):
Diploma thesis:
Dispersive Transport Modeling within the Multiple Trapping Framework
Entered PhD program at the Institute for Microelectronics, TU Wien

Work Experience

1998-2000 Summer internships as programmer (internet traffic analysis software)
at pLANet (later Karrer&Partner)
2002 - 2004 Programmer for web applications and technical support
for Linux and MacOS at Fa. Alexander Biedermann
winter term 2004/05 Tutor for object oriented programming
at the Institute of Computer Technology, TU Wien
summer term 2005 Tutor for signal and system analysis
at the Institute for Telecommunication, TU Wien
2005 - 2007 Service technician at ELVG-Bentlage