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====== Andrew Armour ====== ===== Research Interests ===== Quantum mechanics doesn't just apply to the very smallest of objects like atoms. With very careful treatment, electrical circuits and even mechanical oscillators containing many billions of atoms can be coaxed to reveal a quantum character at temperatures just above absolute zero. As a theorist, I am interested in understanding the signatures of non-classical behaviour that such systems display and in investigating how they can be used to explore new regimes of quantum physics. I am particularly interested in the following: * Nanoelectromechanical Systems * Superconducting Quantum Circuits * Optomechanical Systems ===== Wigner-specific research ===== (selection) * S. Dambach, [[Andrew Armour]], B. Kubala, and [[Joachim Ankerhold]], [[|Josephson junction cavity systems as cousins of the quantum optical micromaser]], Phys. Script. **94**, 104001 (2019) * [[Andrew Armour]], B. Kubala, and [[Joachim Ankerhold]], [[|Noise switching at a dynamical critical point in a cavity-conductor hybrid]], Phys. Rev. B **96**, 214509 (2017) ===== Affiliation(s) ===== * Associate Professor and Reader, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Nottingham, UK ===== Additional information ===== * [[|University Profile]]

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