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Gerald J Iafrate


Dr. Iafrate joined the faculty of North Carolina State University in August 2001. Previously he was a Professor at the University of Notre Dame; he also served as Associate Dean for Research in the College of Engineering, and as Director of a newly established University Center of Excellence in Nanoscience and Technology. He has extensive experience in managing large interdisciplinary research program. From 1989 to 1997, Dr. Iafrate served as the Director of the US Army Research Office (ARO): as Director, he was the Army's key executive for the conduct of extramural research in the physical and engineering sciences in response to DoD-wide objective. Prior to becoming Director of ARO, Dr. Iafrate was the Director of Electronic Devices Research at the US Army Electronics Technology and Devices Laboratory (ETDL) at Ft. Monmouth, NJ.

Wigner-specific research


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