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Haiyan Jiang

Wigner-specific research

[1] Jiang, Haiyan and Lu, Tiao and Cai, Wei: “A device adaptive inflow boundary condition for Wigner equations of quantum transport”, Journal of Computational Physics, Vol.258, p.773–786, 2014.

[2] Jiang, Haiyan and Cai, Wei and Tsu, Raphael: “Accuracy of the Frensley inflow boundary condition for Wigner equations in simulating resonant tunneling diodes”, Journal of Computational Physics, Vol.230, No.5, p.2031–2044, 2011.

[3] Jiang, Haiyan and Cai, Wei: “Effect of boundary treatments on quantum transport current in the Green’s function and Wigner distribution methods for a nano-scale DG-MOSFET”, Journal of Computational Physics, Vol.229, No.12, p.4461–4475, 2010.


  • Associate Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics, Beijing Institute of Technology, China


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