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Hans Kastrup


  • Born July 4, 1934, in Bielefeld, Germany;1941-1945 Elementary School in the village Jöllenbeck near Bielefeld
  • 1946-1955 Helmholtz-Gymnasium, Bielefeld
  • 1955-1962 Physics student at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich, Germany
  • May 1962 PhD in Theoretical Physics from the LMU of Munich; Thesis adviser: Fritz Bopp. Referees: F. Bopp and Werner Heisenberg; Topic of thesis: Conformal symmetries in particle physics
  • 1961-1964 Assistent at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the LMU Munich
  • July 1964 Habilitation, Privatdozent for Theoretical Physics at the LMU Munich; Referees: F. Bopp and W. Heisenberg
  • 1964-1965 Research Associate at the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory of the University of California, Berkeley
  • 1965-1966 Research Associate at the Physics Department of Princeton University (invitation by Eugene Wigner)
  • 1966-1967 Guest Lecturer at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Bern, Switzerland
  • 1967-1972 Associate Professor for Theoretical Physics, Institute for Theoretical Physics, LMU Munich
  • 1971 Guest Professor at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Hamburg University, Germany
  • 1972-1999 Full Professor and Director at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the RWTH Aachen, Germany
  • 2000-2001 Guest Scientist of the Theory Division, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Since 1966 many working stays at a large number of international physics research institutions, e.g. DESY (Hamburg); CERN (Geneva); ICTP (Trieste); Physics Department UC Los Angeles (California); State University of New York (Stony Brook); Brookhaven NL (Upton, New York); Argonne NL (Argonne, Illinois); Fermilab (Batavia, Illinois); CRM (Université de Montréal, Canada); MPI for Physics (Munich); MPI for Quantum Optics (Munich); MPI for Gravitation (Potsdam); MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences (Leipzig); MPI for Light (Erlangen); Institute for Theoretical Physics, East China University (Shanghai, China); Department of Physics, Beijing Normal University (Beijing, China); Racah Institute of Physics (Hebrew University, Jerusalem); Department of Theoretical Physics at the TIFR (Mumbai, India); IUCAA (Pune, India); Physics Department of the Humboldt-University (Berlin); etc.

Wigner-specific research


  • Professor em. for Theoretical Physics, RWTH Aachen, Germany
  • Guest Scientist, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, Germany

Additional information

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