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====== Johann Cervenka ====== ===== Biography ===== Johann Cervenka was born in Schwarzach, Austria, in 1968. He studied electrical engineering at the Technische Universität Wien, where he received the degree of Diplomingenieur in 1999. He then joined the Institute for Microelectronics at the Technische Universität Wien and received his PhD in 2004. His scientific interests include Wigner functions, three-dimensional mesh generation, as well as algorithms and data structures in computational geometry. ===== Wigner-specific research ===== (selection) * [[Johann Cervenka]], [[Paul Ellinghaus]], [[Mihail (Mixi) Nedjalkov]], [[|Deterministic Solution of the Discrete Wigner Equation]], in: Numerical Methods and Applications, Lecture Notes in Computer Science **8962**, 149 (2015 * [[Johann Cervenka]], [[Paul Ellinghaus]], [[Mihail (Mixi) Nedjalkov]], Erasmus Langer, [[|Optimization of the Deterministic Solution of the Discrete Wigner Equation]], in: large Scale Scientific Computing, Lecture Notes in Computer Science **9374**, 269 (2015) ===== Affiliation(s) ===== * Senior Scientist, [[|Institute for Microelectronics]], [[|TU Wien]], Austria ===== Additional information ===== * [[[showUid]=15&type=0&cHash=d5d4f2511720de74b90a35fabd8a1f55|TU Wien Profile]]

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