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Oscar C O Dahlsten


I did my Undergraduates and PhD at Imperial College London. My Masters project was with Chris Isham and my PhD with Martin Plenio. My first postdoc was at ETH Zurich with Renato Renner. As of August 2010 I am a Research Fellow in the group with Vlatko Vedral.


I work on quantum information theory, including:

  • Role of information entropy in statistical mechanics (Single-shot thermodynamics, Szilard engines, Landauer's erasure, Second law, entropy in relativistic scenarios).
  • Typical entanglement in many-body systems (most states are maximally entangled, why is that, is it physically relevant or just a mathematical curiosity?)
  • Generalised probabilistic theories (non-local PR-boxes, axioms for quantum theory, generalised statistical mechanics, computational power of different theories, particle types beyond quantum theory).
  • Power of quantum computation, is it really better than classical and if so why?
  • Ontology for quantum effects, what is the quantum world made up of?

Wigner-specific research


  • College Lecturer in Physics, St Catherine's College, University of Oxford, UK

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