Invited Speakers

  • Zlatan AkÅ¡amija, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA — Thermal Effects in Semiconductors and Nano-Devices
  • Andrey Antipov, Microsoft Station Q, USA — Modeling of Nanowires with Superconducting Cladding
  • Asen Asenov, University of Glasgow, UK — Simulation of Nanowire Transistors
  • Marc Bescond, University of Tokyo and LIMMS/CNRS-IIS, Japan — Electron Cooling in Double Barrier Heterostructures
  • Massimiliano Di Ventra, University of California San Diego, USA — Alternative Modes of Computing
  • Giulia Galli, University of Chicago, USA — First Principles Modeling of Material Properties
  • Lucas Lindsay, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA — Thermal Effects in Semiconductors and Nano-Devices
  • Mathieu Luisier, ETH Zurich, Switzerland — Two-Dimensional Materials and Heterostructures
  • Yann-Michel Niquet, CEA, France — Quantum Computers
  • Damien Querlioz, CNRS, France — Neuromorphic Computing
  • Maarten L. Van de Put, University of Texas at Dallas, USA — Quantum Transport Modeling

Chicago from North Avenue Beach June 2015 panorama 2