A.2 Saving Data in a Wafer Object to a File

To save the data stored in a Wafer object to a file an appropriate Writer must be instantiated. The function instantiateWriter takes as arguments the dimension of the Writer to create, its type, the name of the Wafer and the filename. Fig. A.3 depicts the declaration of function instantiateWriter and the code sequence to create a Writer object.

Figure A.3: Instantiation of Writer object.
{\footnotesize\begin{verbatim}extern Writer_h instan...

The created Writer object is passed to the function dumpWafer that dumps all data of the Wafer object to the file identified by the Writer object (see Fig. A.4). The optional argument CoordMap is used as shown in Table A.1.

Figure A.4: Dumping the data of a Wafer to a file.
{\footnotesize\begin{verbatim}extern void dumpWafer(...
...);dumpWafer(waf, wri);\end{verbatim}}