A.4.1 Segment Related Methods

The top-level class (Wafer) contains methods to retrieve all segments of a Wafer. Fig. A.9 depicts the access methods for segments.

Figure A.9: Segment related methods of Wafer class.
{\footnotesize\begin{verbatim}class Wafer
... int&) const;

The newSegment methods are used to create a new segment on the Wafer. They receive the name of the new segment and either a vector of locaters or a vector of quantities or both. Optionally, a vector of properties can be given. Some checks are performed prior to the creation of the segment to avoid creation of illegal segments. It is for instance checked whether the passed grids (either stand-alone grids or grids defined via a quantity) are single connected and if the surfaces of those grids all are within an epsilon environment.

The newEmptyLocater method creates a new (empty) locater and returns a handle to it. The locater is of the same geometrical dimension as the Wafer.

The getSegment methods are used to retrieve a handle to an existing segment. The methods expect either the name of the segment or a point that lies within a segment.

getNbSegments returns the number of segments contained on a Wafer.

nextSegment is an iterator to sequentially retrieve all segments of a Wafer.