1.1.3 TIF

The TMA interchange format (TIF) is the file format of parts of the Avant! TCAD suite1.2 [12]. Notably the two-dimensional process simulator TSUPREM-IV [13] and the two-dimensional device simulator MEDICI [14] are based on this file format. Only an ASCII representation of TIF exists, which results in large files and thus in slow data access if complex Wafer structures are to be stored. Although the mentioned two simulators in principle use the same syntax to store the data on a TIF file, those files are not semantically compatible. Instead, TSUPREM-IV supports an option to write a MEDICI compliant TIF file.

The successor of the two-dimensional TSUPREM-IV and MEDICI simulators is the one-, two- and three-dimensional TAURUS [15] TCAD suite. TAURUS is comprised of a set of individual tools. Among others, these tools are TAURUS-Device, and TAURUS-Process. The TAURUS-Process tool supports the creation of input descriptions suitable for TAURUS-Device.