Care has been taken to use well defined and self-explanatory expressions. A collection of all abbreviations used throughout this thesis and their meanings respectively is summarized in Table 1.

Table 1: A glossary of terms used.
CAD Computer Aided Design
CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering
Class A class is an aggregate containing members and methods for implementing the programming paradigms of data and function encapsulation in object-oriented programming languages.
Class Tree This is the tree of classes obtained by inheritance beginning from the super class as the root of the class tree. Each node in the tree represents a class with classes inheriting information from their respective parent node.
CMOS Complementary MOS
GUI Graphical User Interface
IC Integrated circuit
MOS Metal Oxid Semiconductor
PERSISTENT WAFER TCAD simulation data stored on a file
PIF Profile Interchange Format
SIESTA Simulation Environment for Semiconductor Technology
TCAD Technology CAD
VISTA Viennese Integrated System for TCAD Applications
WAFER-STATE-SERVER The class library used to manipulate simulation data
WSS The text file format of the WAFER-STATE-SERVER