6.4 Conclusion

In this chapter, several peculiarities of the TSM have been analyzed and compared to the findings of NBTI measurements. In contrast to the previous models, the TSM is capable of fulfilling all criteria in Table 6.2, including the logarithmic behavior during stress and relaxation, the quadratic field and temperature dependence, as well as the asymmetry of stress and relaxation. Furthermore, it exhibits a field dependence of recovery as noticed in NBTI measurements. Therefore, this model seems to reasonably describe the degradation process of NBTI. Furthermore, it evaluated for the time constant plots extracted from the TDDS measurements (cf. Table 6.3). Thereby it has been tested whether the TSM correctly reflects the behavior of a single defect. However, no reasonable agreement has been achieved, indicating that the TSM does not correctly describe the capture or emission process of a single trap.