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3.3.4 PMOS Transistor

The PMOS transistors were derived from the NMOS transistors by exchanging ND with NA. As the hole mobility is about 1/3 lower compared to the electron mobility the carrier temperatures do not rise to such high levels as compared to the NMOS. Hence, non-local effects do not play such an important role. This is confirmed by the simulated output characteristics which are shown in Fig. 3.17 and Fig. 3.18 for both devices. As for the homogeneously p-doped semiconductor both devices were simulated using (3.41) with $ \beta_{p}^{}$ = 1 in combination with (3.50). As can be seen in Fig. 3.17 and Fig. 3.18, the error is again intolerably large.

Tibor Grasser