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4.1 Summary of the Equations Describing SET Devices

  The condition to simulate the electron transport as a jump process is
\begin{gather}R_T > \frac{h}{e^2} \doteq \text{25813}\ \mathsf{\Omega}.\notag
Rate formulas for first and higher order transitions are
\begin{gather}\Gamma(\Delta F) =\frac{1}{e^2R_T}\frac{-\Delta F}{1-e^{\frac{\Del...
\prod_{i=1}^{N-1}\left((2\pi k_BTi)^2+\Delta F_N^2\right).
The free energy is given by
(\Delta E_{Fi}+E_{Ni}).\notag
The ME and the duration to the next tunnel event for a MC method are
\begin{gather}\frac{\partial P_i(t)}{\partial t} = \sum_{j\neq i} \left[\Gamma_{...

Christoph Wasshuber