A.4.3 General Methods of the Wafer Class

Fig. A.12 depicts general access methods of the Wafer class.

Figure A.12: General methods of Wafer class.
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...difier&, Gridder_h&);

The method getVal returns a handle to the value of the specified attribute at the specified location. If no point is found at the specifies location, the element that surrounds the specified point is found and and interpolation onto the point is performed. The interpolation algorithm depends on the configuration that was used when the Reader and Wafer objects were instantiated.

lineIntersection computes the intersection of the specified line with the hull of the Wafer. The point that is closest to the specified point pt is returned. If pt is outside the hull this method returns the point where the line penetrates the Wafer.

dim returns the geometrical dimension of the Wafer.

getConfiguration returns a handle to the Config object that was used when the Reader and Wafer objects were instantiated.

scanQuantititesInAllSegments scans the Wafer for quantities that are present on all segments. A vector of strings with the names of these quantities is returned

The method mkSingleGrid makes a grid with conforming interfaces out of all grids of the Wafer. These grids are either stand-alone grids or grids of quantities. This method is necessary for device and diffusion simulations to create boundary conforming gridsA.1. The first argument is an instance of a Gridder, the second argument is a list of attribute names. Only attributes that are present on all segments of the Wafer are affected.

The method modifyTopology is used to change the existing topology of a Wafer. The class WaferModifier is used to define a map of segment/locater pairs that should be changed. Since each segment may have several associated locaters (grids) the STL container multimap is used to store the segment $ \Leftrightarrow$ locater relations.

The modifyTopology method first takes all points from the locaters given in the map and creates a unique pointlist. Then the hull of all specified segments is copied into the Gridder and a re-gridding process is started. After the gridding process is finished the new mesh is copied back to the Wafer and the values of the attributes are interpolated onto the new Wafer points.