4.2.1 Implementation Details

The simulator needs, as input, a polygonal geometry that conforms at the interfaces (see
Section 2.2.1). The quantities exposed to diffusion (dopants) are stored on the mesh. The WAFER-STATE-SERVER provides a method (mkSingleGrid) to make all grids stored on a Wafer interface conforming. The main program reads data from a persistent Wafer into memory by instantiating a Reader, a Gridder and a Wafer object respectively. After the data are stored in memory the mkSingleGrid method is invoked on the Wafer data. This method generates an interface conforming mesh of all grids that bear dopant concentrations considered by the simulation. The Gridder is thereby used to re-grid the required grids. In case the grids are already interface conforming4.2, no topological changes are necessary, the mkSingleGrid method is reduced to only detecting conformity. Finally the FEDOS internal data structures are built by using the WAFER-STATE-SERVER iterators and access functions. The I/O process is finished at that point and control is passed to the simulator.