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4.5.2 Process Simulation

In order obtain results of practical use appropriate process simulation followed by device simulation and device optimization need to be performed. The process simulation is straightforward and good results can be obtained using e.g. TSUPREM [209] or DIOS [210]. The device structure and net doping profile are shown in Fig. 4.41. The simulation domain covers only one half of the real device, because of the symmetric device structure.

Figure 4.41: Device structure and net doping profile (absolute value)

\psfrag{x1}{\hspace*{10mm}\Large{x [Arbitrary units]...
...e{$10^{21} \mathrm {cm}^{-3}$}}

Figure 4.42: Electron current density at V $_{\mathrm {BE}}$ = 1.5 V
\psfrag{x1}{\hspace*{-10mm}\Large{x [Arbitrary un...
...Large{ $10^{2} $}}

Vassil Palankovski