A. Validation of the analytic common-mode coupling factor d/h

This appendix contains an empirical validation of the analytical coupling factor with HFSS® simulations. Each figure depicts a comparison of two HFSS® simulation results. One of these two simulations was performed with ports between the parallel planes, the other simulation, with a trace. The transfer impedance from the source at the trace to the ports at the slot of the enclosure is obtained directly from the HFSS® model with the trace. For the comparison the transfer impedance is obtained by application of the trace introduction method using equations (5.6), (5.9) and the impedance matrix from the HFSS® simulation with the ports between the enclosure cover and bottom. Section 5.3 contains a more detailed description of the validation procedure.


C. Poschalko: The Simulation of Emission from Printed Circuit Boards under a Metallic Cover