4  Mechanical Impact of TSVs in Silicon

This chapter initiates a discussion about the mechanical aspects of TSVs. The main goal here is to provide a framework to assess the mechanical impact of the TSVs in their surroundings. First, the materials employed in TSVs and how their properties influence a via’s design is discussed. Afterward, the discussion proceeds with the mechanical impact of a via on its surroundings, especially during thermal variations. Finally, strategies for TSV placement are presented as well as methods for calculating the keep away zone.

4.1 Properties of Interconnect Materials
4.2 Design of TSVs
4.3 Evaluating TSVs’ Mechanical Impact
4.3.1 Thermo-mechanical Simulation of TSVs
4.3.2 Analytic Solution for the Stress Around One TSV
4.3.3 Stress in a Group of TSVs
4.3.4 Summary and Conclusion