B. The WSS grammar

This appendix describes the syntax of the WAFER-STATE-SERVER ASCII file format (WSS) and the grammar of the Config file. Both, the parser for the WSS file format (c. f. Section 3.2.1) and the parser for the Config file are realized using the ANTLR parser generator [32]. To keep the parser independent of the used target language (JAVA and C++) a language abstraction mechanism was introduced. This mechanism is realized twofold. First, in a pre-process-like step -- carried out by a very simple UNIX shell script -- a JAVA and a C++ version of the grammar file is generated from the grammar definition file. Second, a set of classes was implemented that is used in the action code of both the JAVA and the C++ version of the grammar. These classes mainly take care of avoiding syntax differences of the languages JAVA and C++. A large amount of these differences arises due to the lack of pointers in JAVA. Thus, care must be taken to avoid expression with -> or *  operators in action code.