B.2 Definition of the WSS Grammar

A WSS file is comprised of several sections the sequence of which is significant and must not be altered. Except for the INFO section which is located at the beginning of the file every section is bounded by $ \{$ and $ \}$. Entries in sections are either keyword value tuples, a list of points (POINTS section), a list of grid (or boundary) elements (GRID section) or a list of values (ATTRIBUTES section). The character # introduces a single-line comment; the rest of the line is ignored. Multi-line comments are not supported. Fig. B.1 depicts the syntax definition of basic WSS elements.

Figure B.1: Basic WSS grammar elements. Semantical predicates are used to distinguish vectors of different geometrical dimension. Note that the semantical predicate is actually not necessary to parse vectors of different dimension, but rather allows to detect dimension inconsistencies in the file.
...{\it uintval} \\ \end{tabular}\par\