5.5  Simulation of Stress Behavior in Thermal Cycles

Within this section, the implementation of the model (5.8) will be used to compute the stress evolution in thin films during thermal cycles. The discussion starts with a simple substrate/film system and evolves progressively towards thin films in a TSV, where the equibiaxial assumption is no longer valid.

Consider again the full-plate sample of Fig. 5.1. Krauss et al. placed this sample in a thermal cycle up to 500∘ C at a rate of 1∘ C/s and recorded the measured stress at each step. It was inferred from this data, and also from other results of thin film modeling [81][93], that the stress behavior can be explained by the dislocation glide model described in the previous section by (5.8).

5.5.1 Model Parameters
5.5.2 Coupling with FEM
 TSV Top
 TSV Middle
5.5.3 Summary and Conclusion