PhD Student / Research Assistant

Characterization, Modeling and Circuit Simulation in Microelectronics

The Institute for Microelectronics, TU Wien is a research institute focused on the reliability of circuit components (especially transistors). In addition to conventional Si transistors, the behavior of SiC devices designed for high-power applications is also at the center of interest. The broad field of research conducted at the Institute of Microelectronics ranges from characterization, physical modeling and ab-initio simulations to compact modeling and circuit simulation. For the characterization of transistors, the Institute for Microelectronics has a modern laboratory equipped with commercial and custom-built measurement instruments. To explain the experimental data, elaborate physical models are developed and constantly improved. The models are directly incorporated into state-of-the-art device simulators, i.e. MinimosNT and Comphy. To perform computationally expensive simulations a modern computer cluster is while for circuit simulations Cadence and Synopsis spice simulators are available.

The institute is currently looking for highly talented and motivated young researchers to join the team in one of the following areas:

  • Physical modeling of silicon-carbide transistors
  • Single-defect characterization of low-noise silicon transistors
  • Development of custom-made measurement instrument
  • Circuit simulations using advanced implementation of reliability models in Verilog-A for SPICE

For the positions knowledge in one or more of the following areas is advantageous to complement our team: 

  • C/C++ and Python
  • Semiconductor device physics
  • Circuit simulation
  • Implementation of new compact/physical models
  • Handling of device/circuit simulators
  • Design of discrete analog circuits and hardware/software solutions
  • Wafer probers and instruments for microelectronics
  • Keithley instruments and scripting language LUA
  • Measurement techniques in microelectronics (MSM, C(V), DLTS, charge pumping etc.

As a teaching institution, knowledge transfer and close cooperation with students are very importance. The applicants should like to work together with students and supervise Master’s and Bachelor theses.


This three-year position (40 hours/week) is in accordance with the salary regulations of the Austrian Science Fund. The monthly salary is paid 14 times p.a. and the gross annual salary is approximately EUR 41 006 .

Desired Start

As soon as possible

Application Material

Please provide a detailed CV, your collective certificates, your Master’s thesis (weblink or PDF), and a single-page motivation letter (discussing relevant previous experience related to the desired skills and experiences) and summarize your motives for joining us.


Please submit your application to

Application Deadline

The position will remain open until filled