Completed Projects

AgencyProjectsPrincipal Investigator
'Christian Doppler Labor' for Integrated Devices Siegfried Selberherr
Advanced Developments for 0.25µm CMOS Technologies
Manufacturable Power MMICs for Microwave Systems Applications
Advanced Developments for 0.25µm CMOS Technologies II
Submicron Silicon Technology Amalgamating and Invigorating Network Michael Hackel
Process Optimisation in Multiple Dimensions for Semiconductor Technology
Submicron Silicon Technology Amalgamating and Invigorating Network
Advanced Developments for CMOS for 0.25µm and Below
Process Optimisation in Multiple Dimensions for Semiconductor Technology II
Efficient Stochastic Algorithms for Semiconductor Device Modeling Hans Kosina
Christian Doppler Laboratory for Integrated Devices Siegfried Selberherr
Meshes and Global Integration for Semiconductor Front-End Simulation
Simulation of Si-Ge Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors Siegfried Selberherr
Nanotechnology Computer Aided Design
User Group for Process Simulation European Research + Device Simulation
Multi-Level Simulation for Interconnect Characterization and Optimisation
New 25nm Multi-Gate Fully Depleted Silicon Transistors
Mathematical Models for Nanoscale Semiconductor Device Engineering Clemens Heitzinger
Thematic Network on Silicon on Insulator Technology, Devices and Circuits
Silicon-Based Nanodevices
Process Management and Design System for Microsystem Technologies
Modeling of Nanoelectronic Semiconductor Devices Hans Kosina
Ion Implantation for SiGe Semiconductor Technology Andreas Hössinger
Modeling and Simulation of Organic Semiconductors Hans Kosina
Top Amplifier Research Groups in a European Team
Strategic User Group for European Research on TCAD
Pulling the Limits of NanoCMOS Electronics
Electromigration Simulation Siegfried Selberherr
Disposable Dot Field Effect Transistor for High Speed Si Integrated Circuits
Device Electronics Based on NanoWires and NanoTubes Hans Kosina
Higher Order Macroscopic Transport Models Tibor Grasser
Electron Mobility Enhancement in Strained Silicon Siegfried Selberherr
Mesh Generation, Error Estimation, and Adaptation Siegfried Selberherr
Automotive Tested High-Voltage Embedded Non-Volatile Memory Integrated SoC
Christian Doppler Laboratory for Technology CAD in Microelectronics Tibor Grasser
Advanced Thermoelectric Nanostructures Hans Kosina
Modeling and Design of Reliable, Process Variation-Aware Nanoelectronic Devices, Circuits and Systems
CAD of Semiconductor Nanodevices Hans Kosina
Simulation of Advanced Semiconductor Devices Vassil Palankovski
Chip-On-Chip Technology to Open New Applications
Electrical and Optoelectrical Graphene Devices Hans Kosina
Wigner-Boltzmann Particle Simulations Mihail Nedjalkov
Nano-Structured High-Efficiency Thermo-Electric Converters
Microscopic Modeling of the Negative Bias Temperature Instability Tibor Grasser
Theory and Modelling of IR Optical Devices Hans Kosina
Next Generation Framework for Quantum Transport Simulation Hans Kosina
Modelling of the Reliability and Degradation of Next Generation Nanoelectronic Devices
Void Evolution due to Electromigration Siegfried Selberherr
Nanowire Heterojunction Devices Hans Kosina
Circuit Stability Under Process Variability and Electro-Thermal-Mechanical Coupling
Modeling Silicon Spintronics Siegfried Selberherr
Deterministic Solution of the Boltzmann Equation for Device Reliability Investigations Tibor Grasser
Centre of Excellence for Mathematical Modeling and Advanced Computing
Efficient Thermoelectrics Based on Silicon Nanomeshes Hans Kosina
Christian Doppler Laboratory for Reliability Issues in Microelectronics Hajdin Ceric
Modelling Reliability under Variability
Comprehensive Physical Modeling of Hot-Carrier Induced Degradation Tibor Grasser
Automotive Tested High Voltage and Embedded Non-Volatile Integrated System on Chip Platform Employing 3D Integration
Non-Volatile Magnetic Flip Flop Siegfried Selberherr
Single-Trap Characterization Methodology for Nanoscale MOSFETs Tibor Grasser
Modeling of Radiation Effects in Flash Memories Hans Kosina
Stability Under Process Variability for Advanced Interconnects and Devices Beyond 7nm node
High Performance Quantum Transport Solver Using Modular Supercomputing Hans Kosina
Reliability of Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Field Effect Transistors Tibor Grasser
Wigner State Control for Entangled Electronics Mihail Nedjalkov
3D Solution of the Boltzmann Equation on Supercomputers Karl Rupp
Innovative Communication Electronics for Aircraft Engines Michael Waltl
Christian Doppler Laboratory for High Performance TCAD Josef Weinbub
Innovative Networks for Networked Aircraft Subsystems Michael Waltl
Process-Aware Structure Emulation for Device-Technology Co-Optimization Lado Filipovic
Christian Doppler Laboratory for High Performance TCAD Josef Weinbub
Defect-Based Modeling of SiC Devices Tibor Grasser
Numerical Constraints for the Wigner and the Sigma Equation Hans Kosina
Ultimate Scaling and Performance Potential of MoS2 FETs Tibor Grasser
Modeling Unconventional Nanoscaled Device FABrication Tibor Grasser
Nanoelectronic Device Simulation Hans Kosina