Open Source Software

  • ViennaCL
    A C++ linear algebra library for GPUs and multi-core CPUs using CUDA, OpenCL, and OpenMP
  • ViennaData
    A C++ library for handling application-specific data associated with objects of reusable, light-weight classes
  • ViennaDemag
    A C++ FEM simulator for micromagnetics
  • ViennaFEM
    A library-centric finite element solver written in C++
  • ViennaGrid
    A C++ library for the handling and traversal of unstructured grids in arbitrary spatial dimensions
  • ViennaIPD
    A library for parsing input deck files
  • ViennaMag
    The Vienna Macro/Micro Magnetic Simulator
  • ViennaMath
    A symbolic math library written in C++
  • ViennaMesh
    A framework for hull mesh adaption, volume mesh generation and qualification
  • ViennaProfiler
    A centralized profiling application
  • ViennaPS
    The Vienna Process Simulator
  • ViennaSCDD
    A spin-charge drift diffusion solver
  • ViennaSHE
    A multi-dimensional deterministic Boltzmann equation solver
  • ViennaSiSpin
    The Vienna Silicon Spintronics Simulator
  • ViennaSpinMag
    A C++ FEM simulator for MRAM devices
  • ViennaWD
    A quantum decoherence simulator based on the Wigner formalism
  • ViennaX
    A C++ framework for generating and executing task graphs

Commercially Supported Software

  • Minimos-NT
    A two- and three-dimensional device and circuit simulator, integrated with a TCAD framework.
  • Simon
    A single electron device and circuit simulator

No Longer Supported Software

  • deLink 1.0
    A three-dimensional Delaunay mesh generator
  • Minimos 6.1
    A two- and three-dimensional MOS simulator
  • Minimos 6.1 Win
    A Win32 port of MINIMOS 6.1
  • Promis
    A two-dimensional process simulator
  • SAP
    A two- and three-dimensional interconnect simulator
    An optimization framework
  • ViennaMOS
    A modular semiconductor device simulator
  • ViennaTS
    The Vienna Topography Simulator
  • VMC
    A Monte Carlo simulator for classical transport in semiconductors
  • VSP
    A multi-purpose Schrödinger-Poisson solver for TCAD

Obtaining our Software

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