Book Information

Microelectronics Technology and Devices - SBMICRO 2008


  • Editor: Swart, Jacobus W.; Selberherr, Siegfried; Susin, Altamiro A.; Diniz, José A.; Morimoto, Nilton
    • Published: 2008, 661 pages

        The SBMicro symposium is a forum dedicated to fabrication and modeling of microsystems, integrated circuits and devices. The goal of the symposium is to bring together researchers in the areas of processing, materials, characterization, modeling and TCAD of integrated circuits, microsensors, microactuators and MEMS. This issue of ECS Transactions contains the papers presented at the 2008

        Table of Contents

        • MEMS: Devices, Structures and Processing
        • Processs Integration and Devices
        • Device Modeling
        • Device Characterization
        • MOS Gate Dielectrics
        • Thin Films and Plasma Etching
        • Nano-structures and Devices
        • Optoelectronics
        • Organic Devices and Displays
        • Packaging