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Advanced Semiconductor-on-Insulator Technology and Related Physics 16


  • Editor: Omura, Yasuhisa; Gámiz, Francisco; Nguyen, Bich-Yen; Ishii, Hiromu; Martino, João A.; Selberherr, Siegfried; Raskin, Jean-Pierre
  • Published: 2013, 220 pages

This is the continuation of the long running "Silicon-on-Insulator Technology and Devices" symposium. The issue of ECS Transactions covers recent significant advances in SOI technologies, SOI-based nanoelectronics and innovative applications including scientific interests. It will be of interest to materials and device scientists, as well as to process and applications oriented engineers and scientists.

    Table of Contents:

      • Opening and Plenary Session
      • MEMS Technology
      • Materials Technology
      • Device Physics and Simulations
      • Circuit Technology
      • Analog Device Applications
      • Strain Technology and Characterization
      • Characterization and Related Physics